Stuart & Amelie in Ostsee (Rugen)
Stuart, Jacqui, Amelie, Soraya & Oma Huebscher
Jacqui & Soraya (Abu Dhabi)
About Stuart
British-born, from Sunny (I wish!) Manchester in the industrial heartland of the North West. I have been assisting Industrial, Oil & Gas manufacturing companies to develop their businesses for over 25 years. I have a mechanical engineering background and since 2003 as an expat in the United Arab Emirates. I have been travelling across the Middle East to areas such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc. & in safer times, Yemen & Syria.
The Oil industry crisis has left so many with limited work options, including myself. We decided rather than struggle on where the cost of living is very high, we would embark on our travels. Starting in South East Asia we are making our way around the region whilst setting up this site and other business interests. We realised the rent we pay in the UAE per month could keep the 4 of us comfortably in many Asian countries with change to spare.
After many years of accumulating nice furnishings, we have decided to sell everything. The few sentimental keepsakes, we have placed in long-term storage. We aim to travel with two suitcases, two backpacks & a travel buggy (or ‘stroller’).
In March 2017 our children, when we set off, will be 2 years 10 months (Amelie) & 1-year-old (Soraya). Personally and professionally this is the right time to do this before the next milestone, when we will have to consider schooling be it traditional or Home-schooled.

About Jacqueline
I am East German-born, from Brandenburg, near Berlin. I was entering my teenage years when the ‘wall’ came down. The resultant industrial malaise, led to many young ‘Ossie’s’ to find work in West Germany, like myself, before I became an expat in Dubai.
Originally I am trained as an IT administrator. I worked for various companies in West Germany and then departed to Dubai. I worked as the import agent for a major Swiss chocolate maker and Schnapps supplier. When Amelie and Soraya were born I swapped the office for home.
I am a keen tea drinker and can tell about various tea’s & introduce new ones, from subtle black, to green, white, blue & even red. I can also include many of the flowery ‘Tisane’ styles. This site will give you a ‘flavour’ of our travels across Asia. As we enjoy life travelling and learning first-hand more about the relationship between the locals & their food and drink.
Many of the teas we come across we can help you buy. We will have a future links page where you can shop from.
We can also tell our fellow family travellers on our child-friendly travels as we move across the region. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tea….my introduction

As a novice tea drinker in 2005 I had the pleasure of visiting Kuwait, on a business trip. Kuwait city is officially a 'dry' country’, where alcohol is prohibited, so what better drink to refresh than with tea, whilst waiting for colleagues in the evening.   I...

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Hopefully many of the teas we discuss we can help you purchase the same or similar from wherever you come from in the World. We use affiliate links & sponsorship, to assist both you, fellow tea drinkers, & helping us finance building this site whilst we travel.