The Seychelles… In pictures

The Seychelles… In pictures


As we mention in our introduction, Jacqueline and I met whilst in Dubai. I was running a division of an oilfield services company, whilst Jacqui was working for the Middle East sales agents for a major swiss Chocolatier. We had been dating for a few months and went on holiday to the Seychelles in November 2013.

This is a picture story of that special time.

Overlooking Victoria


The Seychelles. That beautiful group of islands in the Indian ocean, approx 1000 miles (1500 Km) east of mainland Africa. We travelled to Mahe, Praslin and La Digue over a two week period. These are the 3 most famous of the 115 islands which make up the Seychelles.

Victoria is the quaint capital just north of the airport. It’s a 3 1/2 hour flight from Dubai & often the main hub to travel through if coming from Europe.

Kempinski images
Post treatment

Our first stop was at the Kempinski Seychelles resort hotel in Mahe, nestled in a beautiful, natural bay. The stay was ‘eventful’ to say the least.

The first day on the beach we both got badly bitten by mosquitos. If I hate anything more on holiday it’s mosquitos & the effect they have on me when bitten. It’s also easy to forget, being near the equator does make a difference, as we suffered from minor sunburn. I also had an accident opening a bread roll with a blunt bread knife resulting in a trip to the hospital and stitches.

However this was eclipsed by the beauty of these small islands. We had a great time as the following photos show.


First rest, recuperate & explore the island of Mahe

Distance from La Digue
Jacqueline on Mahe beach
Victoria clock tower
Seytea - Mahe

The Big Day:   26th November 2013

We told everyone at home we were going to Vietnam on vacation, including parents, relatives and friends. We got married in a surprise ceremony on the beach in Baie Lazare at the Kempinski, with the local staff as witnesses & a tremendous backdrop of the sea and the sun.

Evening was spent having dinner by candlelight on the beach in a private tent.

Stuart & Jacqueline wedding day
Wedding rings
Cutting the cake
Stuart & Jacqueline wedding day
Stuart & Jacqueline wedding day
Wedding breakfast
Kempinski Lagoon
Wed day in the bush

Our surprise wedding


The day after under the arches
Bird twitchers delight

Praslin and La Digue

We took a short 20 minute flight to Praslin, staying at Paradise Sun. Whilst there we also took a one day trip to La Digue to the famous Anse Source d’Argent beach. It’s a gorgeous small island, which you can only travel around by bike or cart.

Paradise Sun in the rain
Praslin Snorkelling
Seytea Jacqueline
Anse Source d'Argent
Air Seychelles
Mahe Port Glaud
Seychelles sunset
Return to Dubai
Hello Dubai

We never did make it to Vietnam, but we’re aiming to correct that this year (2017).

Do you have any ‘most memorable’ trips? Feel free to share them here.

Jacqueline Statue of Liberty

Stuart and Jacqueline stayed at three hotels in the Seychelles for two weeks: